Kyoto station to Nijo Castle bus or train. Public transportation in Kyoto. Backpacking Kyoto Japan travel blog


So you are off for a visit to Nijo Castle!



Kyoto station…

Kyoto station to Nijo Castle. Kyoto Tower. Backpacking Kyoto Japan


…to Nijo Castle!


Kyoto station to Nijo Castle entry. Backpacking Kyoto Japan

Kyoto station to Nijo Castle. Visit to Nijo castle gate. Backpacking Kyoto Japan


Being a major tourist attraction in Kyoto, getting to Nijo Castle from Kyoto Station is relatively simple!



Nijo Castle bus

Kyoto station to Nijo Castle bus stop. Backpacking Kyoto Japan


There’s a bus stop right in front of the entrance to Nijo Castle, so going by bus can be convenient.


Kyoto station to Nijo Castle bus stop near castle. Backpacking Kyoto Japan



Nijo Castle as part of a one day Kyoto itinerary

I made a visit to Nijo Castle with an unlimitedĀ one day Kyoto bus pass:



Kyoto station

So once you’re at Kyoto station, you’ll head to the bus area.

There’s an information sign board that you can look at to figure out where to wait for the bus to Nijo Castle.

There is also a section specific to top tourist attractions.


Kyoto station to Nijo Castle bus route platform. Backpacking Kyoto Japan


There are also people there who are there to help you, so you can ask them too!


Kyoto station to Nijo Castle bus route. How to get there. Backpacking Kyoto Japan


So then you’ll head over to the platform for Nijo Castle, and then wait for the bus to arrive!

It will likely be the same bus headed to Kinkakuji Temple, which is another world heritage site in Kyoto along with Nijo Castle.


Kyoto station to Nijo Castle tourist bus - raku bus. Backpacking Kyoto Japan


As a popular tourist spot, there is a chance that there could already be a long line which could also make for a crowded bus.

So just be mentally prepared. šŸ˜‰


Depending on your timing, you may end up on a normal city bus, or you may end up on a tourist city bus. There’s not much of a difference either way, except for the way they look!

See more tips for getting around Kyoto by bus (even without a bus pass).


What about the bus timings?

Kyoto station to Nijo Castle bus timings. Backpacking Kyoto Japan


Being a major tourist attraction, the bus timings are frequent enough.

This means that you don’t really need to be as concerned about specific bus timings, as you likely won’t have to wait too long for the next bus to come no matter when you show up to the bus station.



Can you get to Nijo Castle by bus with a JR pass?

Short answer: YES!


JR bus

Kyoto station to Nijo Castle with JR pass - JR bus route. Backpacking Kyoto Japan


There’s a JR bus in Kyoto, and this is the only bus that you can use your JR pass to get around Kyoto by bus.

The JR bus route is a bit more limiting, but the Nijo Castle IS one of the top attractions in Kyoto that you can get to, and you can get there from Kyoto station.

There is a platform for the JR bus at Kyoto Station.


Japan public transportation app for JR pass

Google Maps works well for getting around Kyoto if you’re not using a JR pass.

If you want to see what your options are for getting around using only a JR pass, check out the app JapanTravel Navitime. There’s an option there to filter “tourist pass” so that you can see the best way to get around using your JR pass.



Nijo Castle train?

There’s also a train station near Nijo Castle, called Nijo Station, and this is about a 10 minute walk from the castle.

Since this is a JR train, you can also get to Nijo Castle by train using your JR pass.



How long does it take to get to Nijo Castle?

Whether you go by bus or train, it’ll likely take around 20-30 minutes.

So even if you end up on a crowded bus, it won’t be too long of a bus ride!



Be sure to stop by the teahouse at Nijo Castle!

Kyoto station to Nijo Castle. Visit to Nijo castle teahouse. Backpacking Kyoto Japan

Kyoto station to Nijo Castle. Visit to Nijo castle teahouse. Backpacking Kyoto Japan


Kyoto station to Nijo Castle. Visit to Nijo castle palace. Backpacking Kyoto Japan



Use this Kyoto tourist map to plan out your 5 days in Kyoto with Nijo Castle!


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